— Story —


Japheth Clark or Jay pronounced "Jay-Feth" Is a Baltimore street performer of 8 years. His instruments are Piano, trumpet, french horn, mellophone, and flugelhorn. From the early age of 10 Jay knew he wanted to play an instrument and his choice were the drums, but that never happened. Jay ended up playing the piano and played for his middle school jazz band at Garrison Middle School.  He went to Frederick Douglass High School where he picked up the french horn, mellophone, and trumpet.  After high-school he went to Coppin State University where he joined the marching band and studied political science.  Jay choose political science over music education because he felt it would benefit his community better.

Finding a job wasn't easy and Jay knew he needed to work to move his life forward. He picked up his horn and went to the street of Baltimore city and started playing in 2009. Just when he thought he wasn't going to have a music career, life and circumstances left him no choice. Now in 2017 Jay have been able to provide for himself and build a future in the process. His goal is to go back to school and finish his political science degree and get a degree in music education. He hopes to use his experiences to teach and mentor adults and kids on how to be effective leaders, become independent, and use their talents to be successful.